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The Vapor Supplier is the premium wholesale supplier of vape, CBD, cannabis supplies, and more. We supply a myriad of different businesses all across the country from vape shops, smoke shops, cannabis stores, and more.

Tired of shopping at multiple stores for your products? We offer a centralized marketplace while promising fast shipping, excellent customer service, authentic and fresh products, and highly competitive pricing. Our warehouse is staffed with knowledgeable industry experts, while our recommendations page offers the hottest and newest products for every industry.

Need more information? Feel free to contact us and we’d love to chat.

Vape Wholesale 

Whether you need to stock your store with the latest vapes, e-juices, or other vaping adjacent products, we’ve got you covered in a convenient one-stop-shop. You’ll find great pricing on bulk orders and our warehouse experts will make sure you get exactly what you need when you need it. 

We carry a wide selection of e-juices, including top brands like Naked 100, Air Factory, and Jam Monster. We always have large quantities in stock, so we’re ready when you need to make a large order to refill your inventory. 

Vaping is more than just e-juices. We carry a large selection of disposable vape pens and vape pods, including Juul, Breeze, and Mr. Vapor brands, among many others. We make sure to have the popular disposable brands in stock, and as new, trendy disposable emerge, we are sure to make them available for you.

Many customers look to invest in high-end devices, which you will find a large selection in our warehouses. This includes vaping pens, high-end box mods, refillable oil tanks, and all-in-one kits. You’ll also find replacement parts like coils, batteries, and chargers that are must-have products for those that use and maintain box mod devices. 

Shopping for vape inventory is often a frustrating, piecemeal process. We remove that frustration to give you a true, all-in-one shopping experience. Whether you need a wide selection of vape pens, tanks, box mods, replacement parts, or e-juices, you’ll find what you need in our warehouses. 

Should you look through our selection and have trouble finding what you need, reach out to us! Our experts can help with site navigation and can confirm inventory for an easier shopping experience. 

Smoke Shop Wholesale

As the market continues to veer away from traditional tobacco smoking, customers continue to look to nicotine-infused products as a tobacco replacement or cessation tool. Nearly all of our e-juices are nicotine-infused with fresh flavors that tobacco smokers love. 

While tobacco smoking is on the decline, there is still a healthy market for casual and boutique smokers. You’ll find a healthy selection of RAW wrapping papers of various sizes and shapes that modern smokers are drawn to in order to roll their own cigarettes. We also carry ashtrays and air fresheners that make for great impulsive add-ons for online shoppers. 

CBD Wholesale

If you run any kind of vape or smoke shop and don’t carry CBD products, you are missing out on a huge market that continues to grow every day. Unlike nicotine or tobacco adjacent products, CBD is exploding in popularity due to high-profile use from NFL players, MMA fighters, and other high profile athletes and celebrities. Leveraging CBD as a safe, healthy way to manage pain, anxiety, and depression has been driving CBD sales nationwide. 

However, the CBD market is highly competitive, and we carry the highest-quality brands with the strongest name recognition to help drive sales. You’ll find CBD tinctures, edibles, vape juices, and topical products that our research has shown to drive CBD sales. 

We also carry CBD disposable vape pens, hemp cigarettes, and even CBD products approved for pet use. Our CBD pet products are veterinary approved and are guaranteed to be THC-free (which can be toxic to cats and dogs). 

Kratom Wholesale

Like CBD, kratom continues to be a popular choice for those looking to regulate chronic pain and manage the withdrawal symptoms of opioid abuse. We encourage retailers to sell both CBD and kratom products, as they largely target similar consumer groups. 

We carry kratom in a variety of forms, including capsule form, liquids, and traditional powders. Expect to find well-known brands such as Captain, Choice, King Kratom, Whole Herbs, and several others. Our selection allows for a wide variety of choice among all kinds of kratom products, making it easy to get all of your kratom products in one easy to shop location. 

Cannabis Accessories Wholesale

Cannabis is continuing to grow in popularity and availability. As states continue to increase legal access to marijuana, having cannabis accessories available to smokers is more important than ever. 

Even if you’re in a location where marijuana is legally restricted, hemp flower is federally legal and uses the same accessories. If you sell hemp flower and don’t sell smoking accessories, you’re missing a huge slice of the market!

We carry the entire suite of what smokers want when they are enjoying legal cannabis. This includes a large selection of glassware, including spoon pipes, chillums, bubblers, and other hand pipes. We also have silicone and glass bongs, dab rigs, and a variety of different dab nails used to enjoy wax concentrates and bong bowls for cannabis smoking. 

Extra accessories including smell-proof jars, cannabis grinders, rolling papers, and dry herb vaporizers are products that more sophisticated customers look for, and we have an impressive selection of the best brands. This includes G Pen, Pax, PuffCo, and Yocan vaporizers for dry herb or wax concentrate vaping. 

Shop Online

Unlike other wholesalers that may require ordering over the phone or even in person, we provide an easy, convenient online shopping experience. Our entire inventory line is available online and organized like a traditional consumer-facing online retailer. 

All products, regardless of variety, are added to the same shopping cart, and check out is secure and easy. 

Cash & Carry

Don’t feel comfortable placing a large order online? No worries! We still allow our clients to come into one of our physical warehouses and place an order with cash. Feel free to browse our online catalog to get an idea of what you want, and then come into a physical location and place an order!


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“Offering a large variety of CBD, Kratom, Glass, Coils and many more. A clean and welcoming environment, Very knowledgeable staff that understands how to explain products and the best prices In town” – Yousif H
“From smoking needs to VAPE, CBD, KRATOM, GLASS you name it they have it!” – Marvin Y
“They carry all smoke and alternative products. They have all vape products; Coils, E-Juice, Vape Kits, Mods, and Tanks. CBD and Kratom, Wraps and Papers, Glass Pipes, Disposables, Grinders, Rolling Trays, etc!” – Art S

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