The Finest by Pure Salt E-Liquid - 30ml
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The Finest by Pure Salt E-Liquid - 30ml

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Introducing Pure Salt Breeze E-Liquid's "The Finest". 

The Finest is a fruity flavor that is heavily influenced by some of the fruits that Michigan grows best! It's a very specific blend of red cherries mixed with an assortment of berries and apples. Once you try The Finest, you'll know why we called it The Finest!

This salt nicotine based e-liquid, bottled in a 30ml glass bottle, is the perfect liquid for low powered devices like the  Suorin iShare, Suorin Drop, Suorin Air, and other low-voltage MTL devices.

It's even perfect for refilling your Juul pods!

Pure Salt E-Liquid was made with two things in mind, crafting the perfect throat hit, while providing higher nicotine levels but with a smooth inhale.

Each Pure Salt E-Liquid flavor comes in two nicotine levels: 36mg and 60mg.

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