Ceramic Mushroom Hand Pipe

Material Ceramic
Size 4 Inch
Style Novelty
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Ceramic Mushroom Hand Pipe Wholesale

The Ceramic Mushroom Hand Pipe by Fashioncraft is an exceptional piece for retailers looking to expand their selection of hand pipes. This unique and attractive pipe will certainly catch the eye of your customers who appreciate distinctive designs and high-quality smoking accessories.

Fashioncraft has crafted this 4-inch hand pipe using premium ceramic material, ensuring durability and a satisfying smoking experience. The pipe features a creative mushroom design that not only serves as an artistic piece but also functions as a practical smoking accessory. This combination of form and function makes it a perfect addition to any smoker's collection or an excellent gift for the avid enthusiast.

Retailers can expect a high level of customer interest in the Ceramic Mushroom Hand Pipe, thanks to its appealing design and top-notch construction. By offering this eye-catching ceramic hand pipe, you'll not only cater to the needs of your customers but also enhance the variety of your inventory, ensuring a diverse and captivating selection for your clientele.

Ceramic Mushroom Hand Pipe Specifications

  • Material: Ceramic
  • Manufacturer: Fashioncraft
  • Design: Mushroom-shaped spoon hand pipe
  • Size: 4 inches in length
  • Pipe Type: Hand pipe
  • Ideal for: Dry herbs

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