Dragon Glass Beaker 17 inch Water Pipe

Material Borosilicate Glass
Size 17 Inches
Banger Size 14mm Male
Sale price$46.99

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Color Max purchase Case price Qty Subtotal
Cobalt Blue $46.99
Dark Blue $46.99
Golden $46.99


Dragon Glass Beaker 17 inch Water Pipe Wholesale

The Dragon Glass Beaker 17 inch Water Pipe is a high-quality glass water pipe that is perfect for retailers looking to add a new and premium option for their customers. This water pipe is made with the finest borosilicate glass and features a 14mm male banger and a 14mm female joint for seamless use. Standing at 17 inches in height, this water pipe boasts a long bell base design and is equipped with a sprinkler percolator and an ice catcher for a smooth and cool smoking experience.

The Dragon Glass Beaker 17 inch Water Pipe is available in three stunning colors: Cobalt blue, Dark Blue, and Golden. The combination of the intricate design and the beautiful hues of this water pipe makes it a truly unique and eye-catching option for customers. The long bell base design provides ample room for smoke to circulate, and the sprinkler percolator and ice catcher work together to provide a smooth and satisfying smoking experience.

This water pipe is the perfect addition to any retailer's inventory, offering customers a premium and high-quality option for their smoking needs. With its intricate design, durable build, and beautiful colors, the Dragon Glass Beaker 17 inch Water Pipe is sure to be a hit among customers and is a must-have for retailers looking to offer their customers the best products in the market.

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