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Raw hemp and marijuana are becoming more available and popular among consumers, and many customers are increasingly looking for an easy way to smoke blunts. Pre-rolled cones are in huge demand, thanks to their ease of use and comfortable price point. Among the best-known brands for pre-rolled cones are Futurola wraps!

What makes Futurola wraps a fan among smokers? These hand-rolled, unbleached cones add little to no flavor to what's being smoked, and Futurola has a reputation for pre-rolls that burn evenly and smoothly. Futurola wraps are easy to use and easy to smoke. What's not to love?

Customers that want a more premium smoking experience may look to the Tyson Single Cone. This pre-rolled cone, made in collaboration with Mike Tyson, is infused with aromatic compounds (called terpenes) that give each hit a unique, enticing flavor.

Product Specifications
● King and Party sizes come in three rolls per box, sold in 12 boxes a case
● Tyson Single cone packaged individually, sold in cases of 12

Futurola Wrap Sizes:

● King Sized
○ Size: 109mm
○ Tip Length: 26mm
○ Unbleached, white paper

● Party Sized
○ Size: 140mm
○ Tip Length: 34mm
○ Unbleached, white paper

● Tyson Single Cone
○ Size: 109mm
○ Tip Length: 26mm
○ Brown, terpene infused paper