Mr Vapor LuxBar Lemonade Stand Disposable Vape

Per Unit 2 Disposables
Nicotine Level 5.0%
Puffs 5000 Per Disposable
Sale price$17.50

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2 Piece Set $17.50


Mr Vapor LuxBar Lemonade Stand Disposable Vape Wholesale

Introducing the all-new Mr. Vapor LuxBar Lemonade Stand Disposable Vape bundle. Expertly tailored for retailers wanting to offer their customers an enhanced vaping experience, this disposable vape bundle is designed to meet the needs of both novice and experienced vape users.

The Lemonade Stand Disposable Vape bundle by Mr. Vapor comes packed with two distinct and exciting flavors - Blue Razz Lemonade and Pink Punch Lemonade. The perfectly balanced, mouth-watering flavors are sure to offer a refreshing and invigorating vaping experience that customers will love.

Each unit in the bundle contains a satisfying 5% Nicotine salt, giving users the ideal nicotine hit every time. The voluminous 13mL e-liquid capacity per unit ensures an extended vaping experience before needing to move onto the next vape, boasting an impressive 5000 puffs per unit.

The bundle doesn't stop there. Every disposable vape in the Lemonade Stand bundle comes with a built-in, rechargeable 650mAh battery. This ensures customers can enjoy a steady and reliable vaping experience, maximizing each unit's full flavor and puff potential.

Furthermore, each disposable vape is equipped with a mesh coil, known for its even and rapid heating, offering your customers an exceptional and flavorful vapor production.

The Mr. Vapor LuxBar Lemonade Stand Disposable Vape bundle is an outstanding addition to any retailer's inventory, ensuring customers have access to a reliable, high-quality, and flavor-packed vaping experience. This bundle provides the perfect option for customers looking for the convenience of a disposable vape without sacrificing the flavor and performance of a traditional vaping device. It's the ultimate all-in-one vape solution your customers have been waiting for.

Mr Vapor LuxBar Lemonade Stand Disposable Vape Features

  • Brand: Mr. Vapor LuxBar
  • Product Type: Disposable Vape Bundle
  • Flavors: Blue Razz Lemonade and Pink Punch Lemonade
  • Nicotine Strength: 5% Nicotine Salt per unit
  • E-Liquid Volume: 13mL per unit
  • Puff Count: Approximately 5000 puffs per unit
  • Battery: Rechargeable 650mAh battery per unit
  • Coil Type: Mesh Coil
  • Package Contents: Contains two disposable vapes per box

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