Very Cool by NKD100 Salt – 30ml
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Very Cool by NKD100 Salt – 30ml

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Introducing NKD 100 Salt E-Liquid's "Very Cool". 

NKD100 Salt is a new salt-based e-liquid created by the makers of one of the most trusted, reputable e-liquid companies, Naked 100. Nicotine salts are a fantastic new addition to the vaping industry, offering both quicker nicotine satisfaction and higher nicotine strengths than traditional free-base nicotine found in most vape juices.

This salt nicotine based e-liquid, bottled in a 30ml glass bottle, is the perfect liquid for low powered devices like the  Suorin iShare, Suorin Drop, Suorin Air, and other low-voltage MTL devices.

Note from The Vapor Supplier: Not Intended for use with sub-ohm devices.

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