Raspberry Gummi by Pure Salt E-Liquid
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Raspberry Gummi by Pure Salt E-Liquid

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Introducing Pure Salt E-Liquid's "Raspberry Gummi". 

If you could vape on a raspberry gummy bear, it would be like vaping Pure Salt's Rasberry Gummi! This juice is a fruity, candy vape with sweet raspberry, great for lovers of candy-flavored vape.

This salt nicotine based e-liquid, bottled in a 30ml glass bottle, is the perfect liquid for low powered devices like the  Suorin iShare, Suorin Drop, Suorin Air, and other low-voltage MTL devices.

It's even perfect for refilling your Juul pods!

Pure Salt E-Liquid was made with two things in mind, crafting the perfect throat hit, while providing higher nicotine levels but with a smooth inhale.

Each Pure Salt E-Liquid flavor comes in two nicotine levels: 36mg and 60mg.