Raw Wiz Khalifa Supernatural Case

1 Case = 15 Individual Units
Quantity Per Unit 1 Cone
Wrap Size 12
Hemp Wrap
Sale price$29.85
per case
$1.99 per unit

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You're ordering 1 Case (15 Units)
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Cone 0 $29.85
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Raw Wiz Khalifa Supernatural Wholesale

The Wiz Khalifa Supernatural pre-rolled cone by Raw is the perfect way to enjoy your smoking herbs while impressing your friends. These natural, unrefined paper cones are made of the purest fibers and are chlorine-free, so you can taste the herbs, not the paper. The Raw watermark prevents runs and ensures a slow, smooth burn. The cone is 12" long and has a packing tool included so you can fill it up and be ready to party.

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