Jonny Bananas by TVS Black Label – 60ml

Jonny Bananas by TVS Black Label – 60ml

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Introducing TVS Black Label's "Jonny Bananas". 

Jonny Bananas is the best strawberry banana milkshake you'll ever try! Every hit you take of this premium blend will taste like a sip of a smooth milkshake with hints of raspberry and light, creamy strawberry banana. This is a great all-day-vape for you fruity dessert vapers out there!

The Black Label by TVS is an exclusive and limited hand handcrafted premium e-liquid line. Each bottle goes through TVS's unique two-month long steeping process specific to each flavor in the line, giving you a very satisfying vape. Each item in the Black Label has a limited quantity, so make sure to order your juice today!

TVS Label is proudly made and bottled in the USA!