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Wholesale UPass Fetish Synthetic Urine

If you're looking for synthetic urine that easily passes for the real thing, the UPass Fetish Synthetic Urine is a fantastic choice. Customers will find it easy and satisfying to use, and the only way they'll know it's fake is if they read the box! UPass is made by Safeguard, which customers recognize as one of the leading manufacturers of synthetic urine.

Each UPass kit comes with a variety of tools for easy use. It has 3oz of synthetic urine, a plastic bottle, a heating pad, and a rubber band. The exact chemical makeup is proprietary, but it does contain the following ingredients:

? Real uric acid
? Creatinine (which helps with the specific gravity to give UPass an authentic look)
? A pH range between 4.6 and 8
? Urea

Safelabs claims that this product is indistinguishable from genuine urine, even in lab conditions. Customers that want to get as close to real urine (without actually having real urine) will love the UPass Fetish Synthetic Urine Kit!


Product Specifications

? 1 kit per unit (sold in cases of 6)
? 3 oz of synthetic urine
? Heating pad
? Plastic bottle
? Rubber band
? Instructions

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