Honeybee Herb Inserts

Material Quartz
Type Drop-In Inserts & Bucket Inserts
Sale price$2.75

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Type Max purchase Case price Qty Subtotal
Dab Marble Sets $5.99
Dab Screw Sets $5.99
Glass Pipe Screen $2.75
Honey & Milk Cups 15mm $5.99


Honeybee Herb Inserts Wholesale

The Honeybee Herb Inserts are a must-have item for retailers looking to enhance their customers' dabbing experience. Made of high-quality quartz, these inserts are highly durable and provide excellent heat retention.

Using inserts in your banger nail has several benefits, including the protection of your banger nail from residue build-up, improved taste of your concentrate, and a cleaner dabbing experience. The inserts make it so that the concentrate doesn't come into direct contact with the banger nail, ensuring that all the flavor of the concentrate is captured and none of the impurities.

The Honeybee Herb Inserts come in two different types: drop in bucket inserts and bucket inserts. With options like the Dab Marble Set, Dab Screw Set, Glass Pipe Screen, Honey and Milk Cups, and more, retailers can offer their customers a variety of insert options to choose from. The glass pipe screens are a replacement option for the Honeybee Herb Pipe Travel Pack.

Retailers who pair the Honeybee Herb Inserts with the Honeybee Herb Quartz Bangers and the Honeybee Herb Carb Caps will provide their customers with a complete and enhanced dabbing experience.

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