14 inch Hand made Characters Glass Straight Tube Pipe 28oz Weight

Material Glass
Size 14 Inches
Banger Size 14mm Male
Sale price$29.99

out of stock

Design Max purchase Case price Qty Subtotal
Alice wonderland $29.99
Dragon Ball z $29.99
Halloween $29.99
Mario $29.99
Marvel/dc $29.99
Starwars $29.99


14 inch Hand made Characters Glass Straight Tube Pipe Wholesale

Presenting the 14-inch Handmade Characters Glass Straight Tube Pipe – a blend of master craftsmanship and cultural resonance. With its beaker glass style and thematic designs, this is the water pipe retailers have been waiting for.

Detailed Features:

  • High-Quality Beaker Glass: The straight tube pipe boasts a sophisticated beaker design, representing the epitome of functional elegance.
  • Culture Meets Craftsmanship: From timeless classics like Alice Wonderland and Dragon Ball Z to contemporary sensations such as Marvel and Star Wars, this pipe caters to fans across the spectrum.
  • Durability Meets Design: Crafted with the highest quality glass, the pipe stands tall at 14 inches, ensuring longevity while weighing a solid 28oz.
  • Diverse Themed Collection: Offer your customers a choice that spans multiple pop-culture touchpoints - be it fantasy, action, or holiday-themed, like Halloween.

Why Retailers Are Choosing The 14-inch Handmade Characters Pipe:
The modern customer doesn't just want a product; they seek an experience. With themes ranging from Mario to Marvel, this pipe promises just that. Its impeccable design and high-quality glass guarantee customer satisfaction, while its varied themes ensure a broader audience reach.

Expand your inventory with this pop-culture-infused masterpiece. Whether for the casual enthusiast or the avid collector, the 14-inch Handmade Characters Glass Straight Tube Pipe is set to be a top seller, giving retailers an edge in the competitive world of water pipes.

Experience the fusion of top-tier craftsmanship and beloved global themes. Boost your offerings and give your customers what they've been searching for with this iconic glass straight tube pipe.

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