Blazy Susan Pink Papers Case

1 Case = 50 Individual Units
Quantity Per Unit 50 Wraps
Wrap Size 77mm
Vegan & Non GMO
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per case
$0.60 per unit

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You're ordering 1 Case (50 Units)
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Blazy Susan Pink Papers Wholesale

These 83mm-long Blazy Susan Pink Papers are made from a blend of unbleached, natural fibers and they’re finished with a natural vegan gum made from sustainably harvested Acacia tree sap. Blazy Susan Pink Papers are a conscious choice for the natural-minded smoker.

The Blazy Susan Pink Paper: Blazy Susan Pink Papers are made so thin that you can see through the natural pink hue, so these rolling papers are sure to appeal to the eye as well as the mind. Originating from a desire to make an additive free rolling paper, Blazy Susan Pink Papers were created to be much less-processed then other rolling papers.

50 units per box
Brand: Blazy Susan
Type: Vegan Rolling Papers
Made In: France

Product Includes:

- 1 Case of 50 individual Blazy Susan Pink Papers

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