Blazy Susan Tobacco & Nicotine Free Wraps Case

1 Case = 25 Individual Units
Case 25 Units
Quantity Per Unit 2 Wraps
Tobacco Free Nicotine Free
Sale price$20.99
per case
$0.84 per unit

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You're ordering 1 Case (25 Units)
Flavor Max purchase Case price Qty Subtotal
Rose $20.99


Blazy Susan Tobacco & Nicotine Free Wraps Wholesale

Introduce your customers to a luxurious smoking experience with Blazy Susan Tobacco & Nicotine Free Wraps. As a retailer looking to diversify your inventory with high-quality wraps, these unique rose-infused wraps are the perfect addition.

Each display contains 25 packages, with 2 Rose Wraps per package. These wraps are crafted from wood-based papers infused with natural rose extracts, providing a delightful and aromatic smoking experience. The slow-burning characteristic of these wraps ensures a consistent, enjoyable, and long-lasting session.

Blazy Susan Wraps are vegan-friendly and thoughtfully designed for the health-conscious consumer. With no tobacco or nicotine, they cater to those seeking a more natural and cleaner alternative to traditional wraps. The wraps are also incredibly user-friendly, as they don't require a gum line. Simply apply moisture to the area of the paper you wish to fuse together, and you're ready to roll.

Elevate your wrap selection and cater to the tastes of your customers with Blazy Susan Tobacco & Nicotine Free Wraps. Offering a luxurious, slow-burning, and health-conscious option, these premium wraps are sure to be a hit among your clientele.

Blazy Susan Tobacco & Nicotine Free Wraps Features

  • Display quantity: 25 packages per display
  • Wraps per package: 2 Rose Wraps
  • Material: Wood-based papers infused with rose extracts
  • Burn rate: Slow-burning
  • Vegan: Yes
  • Application: Moisture-activated fusion, no gum line needed
  • Tobacco-free: Yes
  • Nicotine-free: Yes

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