Breeze Prime Edition Disposable Vape Case

1 Case = 5 Individual Units
Nicotine Level 5.0%
Puff Count 6,000
Battery Size 1,500mAh
Sale price$62.50
per case
$12.50 per unit

out of stock

You're ordering 1 Case (5 Units)
Flavor Max purchase Case price Qty Subtotal
Blueberry Lemon 2 $62.50
Cherry Lemon 2 $62.50
Coconut Banana 2 $62.50
Honeydew Pineapple 2 $62.50
Lemon Cola 2 $62.50
Mango 2 $62.50
Mint 3 $62.50
Peach Berry 2 $62.50
Strawberry Apple 2 $62.50
Strawberry Mint 2 $62.50


Breeze Prime Disposable Vape Wholesale: Elevate Your Inventory with the Future of Vaping!

Introducing the Breeze Prime Disposable Vape, the next evolutionary step in disposable vaping technology. Crafted by Breeze Smoke, the most popular disposable brand of 2023, this revolutionary device combines cutting-edge technology, exquisite flavors, and an ultra-long-lasting battery to deliver an unparalleled vaping experience. With limited availability, this is an exclusive product your customers will want to get their hands on. Make sure your inventory is up-to-date with the future of vaping today!

Key Features:

  1. Next-Generation Device: Introducing the all-new disposable vape pen by Breeze Smoke. Stay ahead of the competition by offering the latest in vaping innovation.

  2. Premium Flavors: Now available in tantalizing Lemon Cola, exotic Honeydew Pineapple, and refreshing Strawberry Mint flavors. Each flavor is crafted to provide a unique vaping experience.

  3. High Capacity: Each unit boasts 10mL of vape juice, ensuring that your customers will enjoy a longer-lasting experience.

  4. Intelligent Battery: The built-in 1,500mAh battery, complete with an LED Battery Life Indicator, offers up to 6,000 puffs per unit, setting a new industry standard.

  5. Nicotine Strength: With a nicotine strength of 5.0%, these vapes offer a satisfying hit every time.

  6. Mesh Coil Technology: Optimized for flavor and cloud production, the built-in mesh coil guarantees a smooth and fulfilling vape.

  7. Advanced Technology: Breeze Smoke integrates state-of-the-art technology to provide a consistent, high-quality vaping experience.

Product Specifications:

  • Units per Case: 5
  • Vape Juice Capacity: 10mL per unit
  • Battery: Intelligent 1,500mAh with LED Indicator
  • Puffs per Unit: 6,000
  • Nicotine Strength: 5.0%
  • Flavors: Lemon Cola, Honeydew Pineapple, Strawberry Mint
  • Coil: Mesh

    Be Ahead of the Vaping Curve with Breeze Prime Vape

    Retailers, don't miss the opportunity to elevate your inventory with the Breeze Prime Disposable Vape, a product that embodies quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Given its limited availability and high demand, stocking up on this vape pen guarantees a fast turnover and enhances your reputation as a trendsetting retailer.


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