Cannacup Water Pipe Cup

Material Food Grade PC
Bowl Titanium/Quartz
Sale price$14.99

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5" $14.99


Cannacup Water Pipe Cup Wholesale

Introduce an element of surprise and novelty to your store's inventory with the Cannacup Water Pipe Cup, a discreet and compact water pipe designed to resemble a reusable coffee cup. This innovative product is perfect for customers seeking a unique and inconspicuous smoking accessory that combines style and functionality. As a retailer, offering the Cannacup Water Pipe Cup is a great way to cater to the diverse tastes and preferences of your customer base.

This cleverly designed water pipe features a high-performance bubbler system that delivers a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience. The Cannacup Water Pipe Cup comes equipped with both a titanium and a quartz bowl, each featuring a silicone tab for safe handling. Additionally, it includes a hidden bowl storage compartment, making it an ideal choice for customers who value convenience and discretion. Made from food-grade PC material, this water pipe ensures a safe and enjoyable experience with each use.

Ease of cleaning and use are at the forefront of the Cannacup Water Pipe Cup's design, making it a user-friendly product that appeals to both seasoned and novice smokers. By adding this unique water pipe to your inventory, you'll be providing your customers with an innovative and practical smoking accessory that sets your store apart from the competition.

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