Ceramic Mushroom Water Pipe

Material Ceramic
Height 7.7 Inch
Bowl 14mm Male
Sale price$17.95

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7.7" $17.95


Ceramic Mushroom Water Pipe Wholesale

Add a touch of elegance to your retail store's inventory with the Ceramic Mushroom Water Pipe by Fashioncraft, a premium novelty item that will capture the attention of your customers. This unique ceramic water pipe is perfect as a gift or as an addition to any smoker's collection, offering both style and functionality in a beautifully crafted package. As a retailer, you'll appreciate the appeal this piece brings to your store, attracting customers who value creativity and design in their smoking accessories.

The Ceramic Mushroom Water Pipe features a triple mushroom design with intricate details, showcasing a vibrant yellow top and shades of cerulean blue to seafoam green. The attention to detail and craftsmanship is evident in every aspect of this piece, from the grooved textured stem to the realistic coloration. One of the mushrooms is as a 14mm male bowl, ingeniously incorporating functionality into the design. The smoke filters up through the stem to the mouthpiece, where it is inhaled at the top of the tallest mushroom, providing a delightful and memorable smoking experience.

Measuring 7.7 inches tall, the Ceramic Mushroom Water Pipe is the perfect size for display and use, making it a must-have addition to your store's inventory. By offering this charming novelty water pipe, you'll cater to customers who appreciate unique and well-crafted smoking accessories. Enhance your store's selection and create a memorable shopping experience for your customers by adding the Ceramic Mushroom Water Pipe to your product offerings today.

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