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Per Pouch 150mg
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CBD continues to gain traction as a possible treatment plan for chronic pain, inflammation, and a variety of mental health disorders. However, many customers don't want to smoke or vape, and others hate the taste of CBD oil tinctures, which is why CBD-infused gummies have become popular, and the Chill brand is one of the highest quality choices on the market!

Chill CBD-Infused Gummies use a proprietary blend of CBD sourced from organic, industrial hemp. While they keep the recipe a secret, Chill does provide lab testing to prove that their gummies are pure CBD (not THC, Delta-9, or any other cannabinoids are present).

Each bag of gummies contains 14 gummies with roughly 10.75mg of CBD in each (for a total of 150mg of CBD per bag). Chill CBD-Infused Gummies are in cases of 12 bags.

Product Specifications
? 12 bags per case
? 14 gummies per bag (roughly 10.75 CBD per gummy)
? 150mg total CBD per bag
? Lab-tested THC-free
? Derived from organic, industrial hemp

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