Chill Plus Extreme 1000mg Blend Gummies

Per Unit 1000mg
Per Gummy 25mg D9/HHC
Quantity Per Unit 40 Gummies
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Chill Plus Extreme 1000mg Blend Gummies Wholesale

The Chill Plus Extreme 1000mg Blend Gummies by Diamond CBD are an innovative and delicious way for your customers to enjoy the benefits of legal Delta 9 and HHC cannabinoids. These gummies are crafted with a unique blend of hemp-derived, all-natural cannabinoids that deliver a potent and enjoyable experience. By offering Chill Plus Extreme 1000mg Blend Gummies in your store, you can cater to a growing market of customers seeking a convenient, tasty, and effective way to consume legal cannabinoids for relaxation, stress relief, and enhanced well-being.

Each Chill Plus Extreme 1000mg Blend Gummy contains a powerful combination of 15mg Delta 9 and 10mg HHC, with a total of 25mg strength per gummy. The 1000mg total strength per unit consists of 600mg Delta 9 and 400mg HHC, ensuring a balanced and potent experience for your customers. With 40 gummies per unit, these gummies provide a long-lasting supply for regular use. The Delta 9 component offers a smooth buzz, promoting relaxation, stress relief, and better sleep, while the HHC component provides a subtle buzz, stress relief, relaxation, and a euphoric sensation.

Adding Chill Plus Extreme 1000mg Blend Gummies to your inventory will offer your customers an enjoyable and effective alternative to traditional consumption methods. These gummies not only deliver exceptional results but also boast a great taste that appeals to a wide range of customers.

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