Chill Plus Extreme 1600mg Blend Gummies

Per Unit 1600mg
Per Gummy 40mg
Type CBD/HHC/Delta 9
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Chill Plus Extreme 1600mg Blend Gummies

Expand your retail inventory to include Chill Plus Extreme 1600mg Blend Gummies, a highly potent and meticulously formulated wellness product that is set to become a customer favorite. These gummies combine the unique benefits of several cannabinoids, including Delta 9, Broad Spectrum CBD, CBD Isolate, and HHC, each offering distinct therapeutic effects.

The Chill Plus Extreme gummies come in units containing 40 individual pieces. Each gummy delivers a whopping 40mg strength, divided equally among Delta 9, Broad Spectrum CBD, CBD Isolate, and HHC, each contributing 10mg. This calculated blend allows consumers to reap the benefits of all these components in one convenient package.

Delta 9, renowned for its smooth buzz, aids in stress relief, promotes relaxation, and facilitates improved sleep quality, making these gummies a perfect wind-down companion for your customers. Broad Spectrum CBD, recognized for its entourage effect, also offers stress relief and relaxation, further enhancing the calming properties of these gummies.

CBD Isolate is known for its potent therapeutic effects, including anti-anxiety, pain relief, sleep improvement, and seizure control. This makes Chill Plus Extreme gummies a versatile wellness tool, capable of catering to customers seeking relief from various discomforts.

Lastly, HHC contributes a subtle buzz, additional stress relief, and facilitates relaxation. It also introduces a euphoric effect, enhancing the overall experience of consuming these gummies.

Incorporating Chill Plus Extreme 1600mg Blend Gummies into your retail offering not only provides a high-quality wellness product to your customers but also broadens the scope of your product selection to meet a diverse range of needs. Both your business and your customers will appreciate the power and versatility that these gummies bring to the table.

Chill Plus Extreme 1600mg Blend Gummies Features

  • Strength: 1,600mg per unit
  • Gummies Count: 40 gummies per unit
  • Per Gummy Potency: 40mg (10mg Delta 9, 10mg Broad Spectrum CBD, 10mg CBD Isolate, 10mg HHC)
  • Delta 9 Benefits: Provides a smooth buzz, stress relief, stimulates relaxation, and facilitates sleep
  • Broad Spectrum CBD Benefits: Offers the entourage effect, stress relief, therapeutic properties, and promotes relaxation
  • CBD Isolate Benefits: Known for anti-anxiety, pain relief, improved sleep, and seizure control
  • HHC Benefits: Delivers a subtle buzz, stress relief, relaxation boost, and euphoric effects
  • Formulation: Combination of Delta 9, Broad Spectrum CBD, CBD Isolate, and HHC
  • Purpose: Designed for relaxation, stress relief, pain management, and therapeutic benefits
  • Consumption Method: Edible gummies for oral intake

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