Chill Plus Max HHC Gummies

Per Gummy 50mg
Per Jar 2500mg
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Chill Plus Max HHC Gummies Wholesale

Looking for a new way to chill?

Try Chill Plus Max HHC Gummies! These gummies are infused with 2500mg of your favorite low-key hemp cannabinoid, making for a smooth and subtle buzz. Much like Delta-8 THC, HHC has half the potency of your favorite buzz-worthy cannabinoids, allowing you to move about your day with a clear head and sharp mind. You won't have to worry about anxiety with these edibles, as HHC keeps your head clear. With 50mg of HHC in each gummy, you're about to experience a buzz like no other. So kick back, relax, and enjoy the next level of chill. Priced wholesale; shop now with The Vapor Supplier.


  • 2500mg of HHC per jar
  • 50mg of HHC per gummy
  • 50 gummies per jar?

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