Chromium Crusher Grinder

Material Zinc Alloy
Size 40mm & 50mm
Type Grinder
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40mm $3.99
50mm $4.99


Chromium Crusher Grinder Wholesale

The Chromium Crusher Grinder is an essential tool for wholesalers looking to provide their customers with a quality grinding experience. Available in both 40mm and 50mm diameters, this grinder is made of durable, high-grade zinc alloy, promising long-lasting performance. Its precision-milled teeth and smooth operation ensure a flawless grind every time. The Chromium Crusher Grinder is not only functional, but also stylish with its radiant metallic colors that add a touch of elegance to any collection. Its compact design makes it easy to carry and ensures a comfortable grip. It features multiple layers that offer functionality beyond mere grinding. Overall, the Chromium Crusher Grinder is perfect for those who seek a high-quality grind combined with efficiency and style.

Product Specifications

  • Material: Heavy-duty zinc alloy for enhanced durability
  • Available Sizes: 40mm and 50mm diameters
  • Colors: Assorted metallic finishes (Red, Blue, Green, etc.)
  • Components: 4 parts – lid with teeth, grinder chamber, fine mesh screen, bottom collection chamber, and pollen scraper

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