Cigar Torch

Wind Resistant Adjustable Flame
Butane Refillable
Styles Variety
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Cigar Torch Wholesale

For the discerning smoker, every aspect of the cigar experience is of paramount importance. The Cigar Torch collection offers an impeccable blend of elegance and functionality, ensuring the ritual of lighting a cigar is as refined as the smoke itself. Retailers aiming to cater to a sophisticated clientele will find this range of premium lighters a perfect addition to their inventory.

Product Highlights:

  • Elite Range: The Cigar Torch collection features an exquisite range of premium cigar lighters, each designed with meticulous attention to detail. Two standout pieces include the Cyclone Torch and the Supernova Torch, each with its unique allure.
  • Cyclone Torch: This triple flame lighter boasts a sleek combination of chrome and black, rendering a modern and masculine feel. The built-in retractable Punch Cutter at the base adds convenience to class, while its wind-resistant adjustable flame ensures an effortless and precise light every time. Its refillable butane feature ensures longevity, and it comes elegantly packed in a gift box, perfect for the seasoned smoker or as a distinguished gift.
  • Supernova Torch: A lighter that's as much a piece of art as it is a functional tool. Triple flames guarantee a consistent light, while decorative mesh accents give it a unique aesthetic appeal. The Supernova Torch is designed for those who appreciate the finer details, from its retractable punch cutter to its wet-resistant adjustable flame. As with the Cyclone, the Supernova is butane refillable and arrives in a beautifully crafted gift box.
  • Versatility in Design: While both the Cyclone and Supernova share similar premium features, their distinct styles ensure that every cigar enthusiast finds a lighter that resonates with their personal aesthetic. Whether they favor the sleek, modern appeal of the Cyclone or the intricate details of the Supernova, the Cigar Torch collection caters to a spectrum of tastes.
  • Uncompromised Quality: Each lighter in the Cigar Torch collection is a testament to premium craftsmanship. Their high-quality construction promises durability, while their designs exude elegance.

For Retailers:
Adding the Cigar Torch collection to your inventory not only elevates your product range but also reinforces your commitment to offering top-tier products to your customers. These lighters are not just tools; they're an experience. They cater to customers who understand that in the world of premium cigars, every detail, no matter how small, counts. Offering the Cigar Torch collection positions you as a retailer who understands and appreciates the nuances of the cigar aficionado's journey.

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