Coast 2 Coast Mycology Liquid Culture

Volume 12mL
Strain 12 Strains
Sale price$11.50

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Strain Max purchase Case price Qty Subtotal
Albino Avery $11.50
Albino Burma $11.50
Albino Louisiana $11.50
Camodian $11.50
Costa Rican $11.50
Hillbilly $11.50
Jedi Mind Fuck $11.50
Leucistic Golden Teacher $11.50
Melmac $11.50
Penis Envy #7 $11.50
Trinity $11.50
Yeti $11.50


Coast 2 Coast Mycology Liquid Culture Wholesale

Step into the world of superior mycology products with the Coast 2 Coast Mycology Liquid Culture. Expertly crafted and held to the highest standards, this product sets the bar for quality, potency, and user experience in the realm of liquid cultures.

Liquid Culture is a live mushroom mycelium suspended in a nutrient-rich solution, delivered in a convenient 12mL syringe. This isn't your average spore syringe - liquid culture delivers an experience that's up to ten times better. Experience quicker colonization, enhanced performance, and a targeted experience that tailors perfectly to the user's needs.

Retailers will appreciate the vast variety of strains available, offering the potential to cater to a wide range of customers and their specific preferences. Each strain possesses unique characteristics, providing an expansive selection for your customers to explore and enjoy.

Perfect for pairing with the Shrum Grow Bag, Liquid Culture enables enthusiasts to cultivate their own mushrooms in a simple, straightforward manner. The early-stage live mushroom mycelium in liquid culture gives your customers a head start, accelerating the growing process and providing impressive results in less time.

The Coast 2 Coast Mycology Liquid Culture offers the ultimate in convenience, quality, and effectiveness. Enhance your inventory with this premium product and provide your customers with the best mycology products on the market.

Coast 2 Coast Mycology Liquid Culture Features

  • Product Type: Liquid Culture Mycelium
  • Manufacturer: Coast 2 Coast Mycology
  • Delivery Method: 12mL Syringe
  • Experience: Quicker colonization, high performance, and targeted experience
  • Compatibility: Ideal for use with the Shrum Grow Bag
  • Benefits: Early stage live mushroom mycelium provides a head start in cultivation
  • Quality: Held to the highest standards
  • Variety: Multiple strains available to cater to diverse preferences
  • Solution: Nutrient-rich solution that promotes growth
  • Superiority: Offers a ten times better experience compared to regular spores

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