Cutleaf 5 Gram CBD/THC Disposable Case

1 Case = 6 Individual Units
Case 6 Units
Per Unit 5G
Strain 6 Strains
Sale price$119.94
per case
$19.99 per unit

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Banana Sundae $119.94
Dream Cake $119.94
Pineapple OG $119.94
Rainbow Beltz $119.94
Strawberry Gelato $119.94
Watermelon Gelato $119.94


Cutleaf 5 Gram CBD/THC Disposable Wholesale

The Cutleaf 5 Gram CBD & THC Rechargeable Device is a must-have for businesses and retailers looking to offer their customers a powerful and natural alternative for their well-being. This device packs a powerful proprietary blend of cold-pressed CBD rosin, a concentrate made in a way that prioritizes the purity and potency of the cannabinoid.

The rosin is natural, free from solvents, chemicals, and additives, and pure. It is made from natural strains and contains no added flavor, using only hemp-derived THC. The live rosin is pressed by heat and pressure, resulting in a richer terpene profile with no chemicals.

This device is pesticide-free and lab-tested to ensure quality and safety for users. It is also heavy metal-free and paraben-free, making it a safe and responsible choice for customers who care about their health and well-being.

With a 5000mg rechargeable device, businesses can offer their customers a highly efficient and convenient option for experiencing the benefits of CBD and THC. The consistent temperature control enhances the quality of flavor, making every hit satisfying and smooth.

Cutleaf 5 Gram CBD/THC Disposable Features

  • 6 Units Per Case
  • 5 Grams Per Unit


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