Djeep Lighter Case

1 Case = 24 Individual Units
Case 24 Pack
Lighting Capacity 3,500 Lights
Sale price$38.16
per case
$1.59 per unit

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Djeep Lighter Wholesale

The Djeep Lighter Case is a must-have for wholesalers who seek a combination of style, durability, and functionality in a disposable lighter. With an exceptional three-tank fuel system, each Djeep lighter offers up to 3,500 lights, setting a new standard in the disposable lighter market. The lighters' unique and ergonomic tank shape ensures comfort while holding and a larger surface for aesthetic design expression. Their child-resistant safety guard ensures compliance with EN 13869 standards, making them a safe option for all users. Djeep lighters aren't just tools for lighting, they are also trendy accessories with a wide range of designs of vibrant neon colors, making them a style statement for every preference. These lighters are ideal for everyday use or special occasions, providing consumers with a cost-effective yet high-quality option.

Product Specifications

  • Fuel System: Three-tank isobutane fuel system
  • Lighting Capacity: Up to 3,500 lights
  • Safety Features: Child-resistant safety guard, compliant with EN 13869 Standard
  • Quantity: 24 pack
  • Styles Available: Various of neon colors

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