Elements Pink Cones King Size Case

1 Case = 32 Individual Units
Size King Size
Material Ultra-Thin Paper
Quantity Per Case 32 Pack
Sale price$34.95
per case
$1.09 per unit

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You're ordering 1 Case (32 Units)
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Ultra Thin $34.95


Elements Pink Cones Wholesale

Elements Pink Cones King Size Case is a high-quality smoking accessory made from ultra-thin rice paper, ensuring a clean and smooth smoking experience. These cones have a consistent and even burn, preserving the purity of the flavor. Available in an eye-catching pink hue, these king-size cones are perfect for retailers looking to offer something unique to their customers. The Elements brand is renowned for its quality and sustainability, making these cones a must-have item in any wholesale inventory.

Product Specifications:

  • Type: Pre-Rolled Cones
  • Size: King Size
  • Material: Ultra-Thin Rice Paper
  • Quantity Per Case: 32 Pack
  • Burn Quality: Consistent and even
  • Special Feature: Eco-friendly production, unique pink color
  • Brand Recognition: Elements, a respected name in the cannabis community

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