Grav Large Gravitron V2 Water Pipe

Material Glass
Funnel Bowl 19mm
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Grav Large Gravitron V2 Wholesale

Introducing the GRAV Large Gravitron V2 Water Pipe - the pinnacle of gravity bong innovation tailored for wholesale distribution. This remarkable device revolutionizes the smoking experience by leveraging the forces of gravity and pressure to deliver unmatched, efficient hits. Its heavy-duty 5mm borosilicate glass construction and all-glass design make it a standout smoking accessory. Plus, the platinum-cured silicone grommet ensures airtight connections that enhance the potency and flavor of each session. Not only is the Gravitron V2 user-friendly with a flange at the top for easy lifting, but it's also an indispensable addition to any retailer's inventory. Ideal for consumers seeking a sophisticated, powerful smoking solution, this water pipe combines elegance with functionality, making it a must-have for your wholesale lineup. Don't miss out on the opportunity to offer your customers the best smoking experience out there!

Product Specifications

  • Includes: 19mm Funnel Bowl
  • Material: Heavy-duty 5mm borosilicate
  • Grommet: Platinum-Cured Silicone for a Tighter Seal

How to Use:

  • Fill the base approximately halfway with water
  • Pack dry herb into the bowl and insert it into the bottle's neck joint.
  • Light the bowl and simultaneously lift the bottle slightly out of the water to avoid losing smoke.
  • Fill the bottle with smoke and remove the bowl. Place your mouth on the neck of the bottle and inhale while you lower it. The Gravitron will provide you with a dense, pressurized hit without losing any smoke in the process.

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