Honeybee Herb Dabber Stand

Material Glass
Storage Dab Tool & Carb Cap
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Honeybee Herb Dabber Stand Wholesale

The Honeybee Herb Dabber Stand is a valuable addition to any retailer's inventory. It is the perfect solution for customers looking for an organized dabbing experience. Made from glass, this dab stand has a sleek and compact design that is easy to clean, making it an ideal option for customers who value convenience and style.

The large area of the dab stand is designed to hold the customer's carb cap, while the area off to the side is designed to hold their dab tool. This design helps keep the customer's carb cap and dab tool in one place, eliminating the risk of misplacing them and reducing stickiness on other surfaces.

The bottom of the dab stand can also be used as a carb cap, providing customers with a versatile and convenient solution for their dabbing needs. Pairing the Honeybee Herb Dabber Stand with Honeybee Herb Carb Caps and Honeybee Herb Dabbers provides customers with a premium dabbing experience.

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