Honeybee Herb Yellow Line 45 Degree Banger

Material Quartz
Angle 45° Degree
Size 14mm Male
Sale price$8.99

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Size Max purchase Case price Qty Subtotal
Beehive 14mm $8.99
Honey & Milk Bevel 14mm $8.99
Honey Mug 14mm $8.99


Honeybee Herb Yellow Line 45 Degree Banger Wholesale

The Honeybee Herb Yellow Line 45 Degree Banger is the perfect solution for customers looking for a high-quality quartz banger for their dab rig. This banger is made of durable quartz material and is designed to retain heat, making it a must-have for all dab enthusiasts. With a 45° angle and a size of 14mm male, it is compatible with all standard dab rigs.

The yellow line of Honeybee Herb bangers is known for its frosted joints, all-in-one joints, solid clean welds, and premium quartz material. This banger is available in three different styles, including the Beehive, Honey & Milk Bevel, and Honey Mug. These options offer a range of different styles to suit each customer's individual preferences.

For an enhanced dabbing experience, retailers can pair the Honeybee Herb Yellow Line 45 Degree Banger with other Honeybee Herb products, including inserts, dabbers, and carb caps. With its durable construction, heat retention, and range of styles, this banger is a must-have for anyone looking to elevate their dabbing setup.

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