Humidifier Solution

Volume 8oz
50% Propylene Glycol 50% Distilled Water
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Humidifier Solution Wholesale

Revitalize and maintain the perfect ambiance in humidors with the premium Humidification Solution. Designed for retailers who prioritize product quality, this solution ensures the longevity and freshness of stored cigars for their customers.

Product Highlights:

  • Perfect Blend: Comprising a balanced 50% mix of propylene glycol and 50% distilled water, the Humidification Solution has been formulated to set up the ideal environment for cigar storage. This distinctive blend assists in regulating humidity levels, safeguarding against potential damages from excessive dryness or undue moisture.
  • Easy-to-Use 8oz Bottle: Delivered in a handy 8oz bottle, the Humidification Solution is straightforward for customers to apply directly to their humidifier units. The bottle's design permits secure storage and effortless refilling.
  • Humidor Activator: This solution functions as a humidor activator, kickstarting and maintaining the desired humidity levels inside the humidor. This ensures that cigars consistently maintain their freshness, flavor, and top-notch quality.
  • Safe and Effective: Suited for all humidor types and humidifier units, the Humidification Solution's unique composition ensures it doesn't over-humidify, thus preventing potential mold or bacterial growth and ensuring a clean environment for cigars.
For Retailers:
Stocking the Humidification Solution is an opportunity to provide an indispensable product that cigar aficionados depend on for maintaining their collections. By offering this vital solution, retailers can ensure their clientele protect their cigar investments, guaranteeing the quality and longevity of each cigar.

Whether catering to novice cigar enthusiasts setting up their new humidor or seasoned collectors seeking a reliable means to uphold optimal humidity levels, the Humidification Solution is an invaluable addition to any product range. As a retailer, integrating this solution into the product lineup can meet customer needs while enhancing the overall cigar care experience, making it a potential top seller. 

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