Just CBD Calm 250mg Gummies

Per Unit 250mg
Per Gummy 50mg
Type CBD
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Just CBD Calm 250mg Gummies Wholesale

Just CBD Calm 250mg Gummies is an exceptional CBD-infused product, perfect for retailers aiming to diversify their inventory with an effective and delectable option for customers seeking tranquility and stress relief. These sour cherry-flavored gummies provide a delightful taste sensation, coupled with the calming effects of CBD, creating an enjoyable method for customers to relax and find peace of mind.

Each package contains a total of 250mg of CBD, distributed across approximately 5 gummies, ensuring a strong dosage of around 50mg per gummy. The enticing sour cherry flavor delivers a delicious and irresistible experience that your customers will love and crave.

By incorporating Just CBD Calm 250mg Gummies into your product offerings, you'll cater to the increasing demand of customers looking for a delicious and powerful way to enjoy the advantages of CBD. Provide your customers with the outstanding Just CBD Calm 250mg Gummies to elevate their overall experience and keep them coming back for more.

Key features of Just CBD Calm 250mg Gummies include:

  • Potent 250mg CBD content per package for an effective and soothing experience
  • Approximately 5 gummies per package, offering a suitable quantity for consumers
  • Around 50mg CBD in each gummy for dependable and precise dosing
  • Scrumptious sour cherry flavor for a delightful taste experience
  • Independently lab tested to guarantee quality and safety

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