Just Kratom 1000ct

Per Capsule 600mg
Per Bag 1000ct
Strains 6 Strains
Sale price$38.99

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Strain Max purchase Case price Qty Subtotal
Green Maeng Da $38.99
Green Malay $38.99
Red Bali $38.99
Red Maeng Da $38.99
Trainwreck $38.99
White Maeng Da $38.99


Just Kratom 1000ct Wholesale

The Just Kratom Capsules are a powerful and versatile product that can help users suppress their appetites, settle upset stomachs, and relieve pain. These flavorless pills are derived from the Asian evergreen tree and can provide a healthy energy boost in small doses or help individuals sleep better in heavy doses.

Many people use the Just Kratom Capsules as a safe and organic alternative to prescription drugs for managing the symptoms of opioid withdrawal. These plant-based capsules are a natural way to boost mood and improve overall well-being.

The Just Kratom Capsules are available in six strains: Green Maeng Da, Green Malay, Red Bali, Red Maeng Da, Trainwreck, White Maeng Da. Each bag contains 1000 capsules with 600mg in each capsule. Each strain has its own unique properties, allowing users to choose the one that best meets their needs.

As a business or retailer, the Just Kratom Capsules are an excellent product to add to your inventory. These capsules are a popular and effective choice for those looking for natural solutions to their health and wellness needs.

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