Just Kratom Extract 10ml Gold Shot Case

1 Case = 12 Individual Units
Case 12 Units
Volume Per Unit 10mL
Mitragynine 150mg
Sale price$93.00
per case
$7.75 per unit

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You're ordering 1 Case (12 Units)
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Chocolate $93.00


Just Kratom Extract 10ml Gold Shot Wholesale

Introducing the Just Kratom Extract 10ml Gold Shot, a premium kratom product that is guaranteed to impress your discerning customers. This liquid extract is a powerhouse of the rich, earthy goodness of high-quality kratom, complemented with the luxurious taste of velvety chocolate for an indulgent experience.

Expertly crafted and perfectly balanced, this Gold Shot delivers an exceptional blend of the finest kratom extract sourced from mature leaves. Using advanced extraction techniques, we ensure an unrivaled level of purity and potency in every shot, setting this product apart in the market.

The secret to our Gold Shot's potency is the full spectrum of alkaloids that it preserves, including Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. These alkaloids are known for their myriad benefits, from energizing and mood-enhancing effects to offering relief from discomfort. This makes our Gold Shot an attractive choice for customers looking for natural, herbal wellness solutions.

Each case contains 12 of these potent shots, making it a cost-effective addition to your inventory. With each shot containing 150mg of Mitragynine, it packs a punch that is sure to satisfy your customers' needs.

With its appealing packaging, the promise of high-quality kratom, and the delicious twist of chocolate flavor, the Just Kratom Extract 10ml Gold Shot is a must-have for any retailer looking to expand their kratom offering. It not only caters to regular kratom users but also appeals to new customers curious to explore the world of kratom in a flavorful and accessible way.

Just Kratom Extract 10ml Gold Shot Features

  • Product Type: Kratom Gold Shot Extract
  • Volume: 10 ml per shot
  • Flavor: Velvety chocolate
  • Source: Extracted from mature kratom leaves
  • Extraction Process: Utilizes advanced extraction techniques for optimal potency and purity
  • Alkaloid Profile: Full spectrum, including Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine
  • Mitragynine Content: 150mg per shot
  • Case Size: Contains 12 shots per case
  • Special Feature: Offers energizing, mood-enhancing, and pain-relieving effects
  • Compliance: Manufactured following high-quality standards

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