King Palm Cones Leaf Tubes Rollies Case

1 Case = 15 Individual Units
Case 15 Units
Nicotine Level 5.0%
Sale price$37.99
per case
$2.53 per unit

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You're ordering 1 Case (15 Units)
Flavor Max purchase Case price Qty Subtotal
Cherry Vanilla $37.99


King Palm Cones Leaf Tubes Rollies Wholesale

King Palm Cones Leaf Tubes Rollies Case is a premium offering for vape shops looking to provide their customers with a natural, high-quality smoking experience. These hand-rolled leaf tubes are known for their exceptional quality and natural composition, making them a favorite among discerning smokers. The Rollies are designed to deliver a smooth, flavorful smoke without the use of tobacco, ensuring a pure and enjoyable session every time. Ideal for wholesale purchase, these cases cater to the needs of businesses aiming to offer top-tier products in their stores.

Product Specifications:

  • Material: Natural Palm Leaf
  • Filter: Corn Husk
  • Burning Quality: Slow-burning
  • Chemical-Free: No artificial additives or chemicals
  • Packaging: 15/case
  • Target Audience: Ideal for smoke shops, dispensaries, and retail stores seeking high-quality, natural smoking products

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