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Wholesale Krave Kratom Extract

Kratom continues to grow in popularity for a variety of fantastic reasons. It may help some customers deal with spikes of anxiety, it possibly helps to treat chronic or acute pain, and some suggest that it helps lessen the severity of opioid withdrawals. Krave has developed two great proprietary blends that customers continue to rave about: Trainwreck and Red Dragon.

Trainwreck is a mild hybrid mixture that includes a variety of different kratom strains. To many, it may provide mild effects of pain relief, focus, energy, and calmness. These effects are potent but not overwhelming, making the Trainwreck blend an ideal product for all kratom users, and an especially good choice for beginners.

Red Dragon (a "red" kratom variety) is a far more potent blend best suited for experienced users. While users report a variety of different effects from this blend, it has become notorious for its exceptionally strong, sedative qualities. Customers looking for a strong blend to help relax or sleep may find the solution in Red Dragon!

Each bottle of Krave Kratom Extract comes individually boxed and is sold in cases of 12.

Product Specifications

? Each liquid extract boxed individually
? Sold in cases of 12 units

Krave Kratom Flavors:



? Trainwreck
? Red Dragon Extract

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