Magical Shroom 2500mg Gummies

Per Unit 2500mg
Per Gummy 500mg
Type Mushroom Extract
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3x Ratio Fruity Blend $14.99


Magical Shroom 2500mg Gummies Wholesale

Maximize your customers' wellness journey with the captivating Magical Shroom 2500mg Gummies, a unique and potent addition to any health-oriented retail inventory. These gummies leverage the natural power of medicinal mushrooms, providing an innovative way to enjoy the benefits of these time-honored wellness boosters.

In each unit of the Magical Shroom Gummies, your customers will find 2,500mg of mushroom extract, divided into five meticulously crafted gummies. Each gummy is precisely dosed with a robust 500mg of mushroom extract, offering a rich and potent experience for users seeking to explore the benefits of mushrooms in a convenient, easy-to-digest form.

The magic of these gummies lies in their 3x Ratio Blend. Each piece is formulated with Muscimol, Muscarine, and Ibotenic Acid. This trifecta of powerful compounds found in specific mushrooms is reputed for its wellness-enhancing properties, providing a unique experience that transcends the usual gummy.

Not only do these gummies harness the power of mushrooms, but they also delight the palate with a delicious fruity blend flavor. This winning combination of taste and wellness makes it easy for your customers to incorporate Magical Shroom Gummies into their daily routine.

A critical feature to highlight is that these are indeed psychedelic gummies, meant for those seeking a transformative wellness experience. It's advised that customers begin with a serving size of half a gummy, enabling them to gradually adjust to the unique effects that these mushroom gummies offer.

As you stock up your inventory with Magical Shroom 2500mg Gummies, you're not just providing a product - you're offering a unique, wellness-boosting experience that your health-conscious customers will appreciate. They will love the ease and convenience of these high-quality, flavorful gummies, making this a valuable addition to your product range.

Magical Shroom 2500mg Gummies Features

  • ?Total Extract Content: 2,500mg Mushroom Extract per unit
  • Gummies Per Unit: 5 gummies
  • Dosage per Gummy: Each gummy contains a potent 500mg of mushroom extract
  • Unique Blend: 3x Ratio Blend of Muscimol, Muscarine, and Ibotenic Acid
  • Flavor Profile: Delightful fruity blend flavor
  • Nature of Product: Psychedelic Gummy
  • Recommended Serving: Half a gummy
  • Purpose: Designed for wellness and transformative experiences
  • Packaging: Conveniently packed for optimal freshness
  • User Experience: Offers a unique journey with the power of medicinal mushrooms

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