MIT 45 Black Label Caps

Per Capsule 500mg
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Per Unit 6 Capsules
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MIT 45 Black Label Caps Wholesale

The MIT 45 Black Label Capsules are the perfect addition for any retailer looking to add high-quality kratom products to their inventory. With a display containing 12 units, each unit contains 6 capsules of 500mg each, totaling to 3 grams of kratom per unit. This powerful combination of 150mg of mitragyna speciosa extract per capsule, balanced with slippery elm bark, ginger root, and black pepper, ensures that the kratom is both potent and fast-acting, providing a long-lasting experience for customers.

Made in GMP compliant facilities, the MIT 45 Black Label Capsules are manufactured with the highest quality kratom plant materials, ensuring purity and safety for customers. With a focus on potency, the MIT 45 Black Label Capsules are designed to provide customers with a fast-acting and long-lasting experience, making them the perfect choice for anyone looking for a high-quality kratom product. Whether you're a new retailer looking to add kratom products to your inventory, or an established retailer looking to expand your offerings, the MIT 45 Black Label Capsules are a must-have addition to your product lineup.

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