MIT 45 Black Label Caps Case

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Mitragyna Speciosa 150mg
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MIT 45 Black Label Caps Wholesale

Introducing the MIT 45 Black Label Caps, a premium blend of kratom extract encapsulated with hand-selected botanicals for a supremely portable, convenient, and potent kratom experience. These capsules are designed for retailers seeking high-quality, lab-tested kratom products for their discerning customers.

Each capsule is a powerhouse of potency, containing 150mg of MIT45’s signature 45% Mitragynine Speciosa extract. Each serving size, equivalent to one capsule, delivers a remarkable 67.5mg of Mitragynine, offering an ideal balance of strength and efficacy.

Moreover, MIT 45 Black Label Caps go beyond the ordinary with a unique blend of botanicals - Slippery Elm Bark, Ginger Root, and Black Pepper. These additions have been carefully chosen to complement the effects of kratom, enhancing the overall experience for the user.

The MIT 45 Black Label Caps are produced following Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to ensure a product of the highest quality. They undergo a triple purification process, resulting in a kratom extract of the purest form. The extraction process involves high-quality kratom leaves and water, creating a higher concentration of active components, resulting in an extract that delivers consistent potency.

Each case comes with 12 units, each containing 6 capsules. These quantities offer a convenient stocking option for retailers and are ideal for customers who are looking to have their kratom supply ready at hand, be it for daily use or on-the-go situations.

MIT 45 Black Label Caps Features

  • Product Type: Premium Kratom Extract Capsules
  • Unique Blend: Contains Slippery Elm Bark, Ginger Root, and Black Pepper Botanicals
  • High Potency: Each capsule contains 150mg of 45% Mitragynine Speciosa Extract
  • Serving Size: One capsule, containing approximately 67.5mg of Mitragynine
  • GMP Compliant: Manufactured following Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Purification: Triple purified kratom extract for purity and potency
  • Lab Tested: Verified for purity and safety
  • Packaging: Conveniently packaged with 6 capsules per unit and 12 units per case
  • Extraction Process: Uses high-quality kratom leaves and water-based extraction for higher concentration

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