Mit 45 Boost Extract Case

1 Case = 12 Individual Units
Case 12 Units
Volume Per Unit 2oz
Mitragyna Speciosa 150mg
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MIT 45 Boost Extract Wholesale

Presenting the MIT 45 Boost Extract – an innovative combination of our signature liquid kratom extract enriched with plant-based caffeine. This fusion of herbal energy is designed to offer a dynamic addition to fitness routines, morning routines, or any time of day when a swift boost is needed.

The MIT 45 Boost Extract is fast-acting, making it the perfect option for those who value immediacy in their energy supplements. Each shot is filled with a revitalizing blend of Kratom and Caffeine, designed to stimulate both body and mind. With its unique formula, this product guarantees a noticeable boost, making it a superior choice for customers who demand effective results.

What sets the MIT 45 Boost Extract apart is its unique combination of herbal energy sources. Each shot contains 150mg of Mitragyna Speciosa Extract, ensuring a potent dose in every serving. With a 20% concentration of Mitragynine, each shot delivers approximately 15mg per average serving size, offering a balanced and consistent dosage for your customers.

In addition to its kratom content, each shot contains 50mg of caffeine, offering an extra layer of energy stimulation to compliment the effects of the kratom. This balanced blend of natural energy sources is designed to provide a comprehensive boost without the crash often associated with synthetic energy drinks.

Each case comes with 12 shots, ensuring a sufficient supply for your customers who are seeking a natural, effective, and fast-acting energy supplement. With its unique blend of kratom and caffeine, the MIT 45 Boost Extract is a forward-thinking product that meets the demands of today's discerning consumer, making it an excellent addition to any retail inventory.

MIT 45 Boost Extract Features

  • Product Type: Herbal energy shot combining Kratom extract and caffeine
  • Formula: Fast-acting for immediate energy boost
  • Kratom Content: Contains 150mg of Mitragyna Speciosa Extract per shot
  • Mitragynine Concentration: 20% of Mitragynine per shot, providing 15mg per average serving size
  • Caffeine Content: Contains 50mg of caffeine per shot
  • Product Purpose: Designed for fitness routines, morning energy boost, or anytime quick energy is required
  • Package Quantity: Each case contains 12 shots
  • Consistency: Offers consistent dosage in every shot
  • Taste: Neutral taste, making it easy to consume
  • Compliance: Fully compliant with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

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