Mit 45 Gold Black Gel Shot

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Wholesale MIT 45 Go Black Gel Shots

One of the challenges new kratom users face is finding a method of ingestion that is pleasant. Kratom can taste terrible, and customers are often faced with paying a high premium for capsules or buying budget-friendly bags of powder that are less than pleasant tasting. Capsules are often not potent enough for many users, which brings its own challenge for customers.

MIT, a well-known kratom brand, has developed a novel product to help address issues of potency and flavor. The MIT 45 Go Black Gel Shot contains 150mg of black kratom, making it an extremely potent dose. The delivery system is a gel, and not only does it contain kratom, it also contains cinnamon, pepper, and honey to create an extremely pleasant taste.

Customers will enjoy the incredible strength of each gel pouch without having to endure terrible flavors. The cinnamon-forward recipe with subtle notes of sweetness will be a welcome reprieve to experienced users, and it will serve as a pleasant introduction to the kratom product world for new customers.

Black kratom is usually used to help treat chronic-pain or issues with falling asleep. Users often report a strong, sedative effect.

You should note that kratom is not approved by the FDA to treat any medical issue, and that the effects of kratom on customers will vary, with no particular outcome being guaranteed.

MIT 45 Go Black Gel Shot is sold in bulk cases, with each cases containing 12 units.


Product Specifications
● 150mg of black kratom mixed in a flavored gel.

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