MIT 45 Gold Extract Case

1 Case = 12 Individual Units
Case 12 Units
Volume Per Unit 15ml
Mitragyna Speciosa 250mg
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per case
$8.75 per unit

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MIT 45 Gold Kratom Extracts Wholesale

Introducing the MIT 45 Gold Extract, one of the best-selling kratom extract shots currently available on the market. This product is an excellent addition to any retailer's lineup who is seeking to offer their customers a premium, potent, and fast-acting kratom experience.

The MIT 45 Gold Extract is a 3x purified liquid kratom, ensuring a potent dose in each serving. Each unit contains a robust 250mg of Mitragyna Speciosa Extract, offering potent and consistent doses to ensure customer satisfaction with every use.

What makes MIT 45 Gold Extract stand out is its high concentration of Mitragynine, a key active ingredient in kratom. Each unit contains a powerful 45% concentration of Mitragynine, equating to 37.5mg per average serving size. This high concentration ensures a potent, fast-acting herbal benefit that kratom enthusiasts are sure to appreciate.

The quality of MIT 45 Gold Extract doesn't stop at potency. The product is independently lab-tested for both potency and purity, ensuring that your customers are receiving a safe and reliable product. These stringent quality control measures highlight the brand's commitment to delivering a superior product that customers can trust.

Each case contains 12 units, providing an ample stock for your retail establishment. The MIT 45 Gold Extract is a proven seller, with its potent kratom blend and high-quality manufacturing setting it apart in the kratom market. Offering this product in your store can elevate your kratom selection and satisfy the needs of both new and experienced kratom users.tom experience.

MIT 45 Gold Extract Features

  • Product Type: Kratom Extract Shot
  • Brand: MIT 45
  • Purification: 3x Purified Liquid Kratom
  • Mitragyna Speciosa Extract: Each unit contains 250mg
  • Concentration: 45% Mitragynine concentration, equating to 37.5mg per average serving size
  • Effectiveness: Offers fast and effective herbal benefits
  • Quality Assurance: Independently lab-tested for potency and purity
  • Case Quantity: Each case contains 12 units
  • Best Seller: One of the best-selling kratom shots on the market
  • Usage: Suitable for new and experienced kratom users due to its potency and consistency

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