New Puffco Peak Pro

Vaporizer Concentrate
Temperature Control Yes
Glass Borosilicate Glass
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New Puffco Peak Pro Wholesale

Introducing the all-new New Puffco Peak Pro, the ultimate breakthrough in the realm of hash technology. The flagship product from the trailblazers at Puffco, the New Peak Pro embodies a premium smart rig that stands unmatched in delivering extraordinary flavor coupled with unparalleled performance. This incredible innovation is the newest addition to the Puffco family and has been eagerly anticipated by enthusiasts in the vaping industry.

At the heart of the New Peak Pro is the ground-breaking 3D Chamber - a technological marvel that heats your concentrate from the sides rather than the bottom. This innovative approach meticulously preserves the delectable terpenes and cannabinoids, producing a superior hit that is a symphony of flavor. The Chamber is complemented by the New Peak Pro's real-time temperature control, ensuring an unwavering consistency in temperature regardless of the load or inhalation amount.

The New Peak Pro boasts a large capacity chamber designed for efficient use and optimal performance. Adding to the unique user experience is the all-new Joystick Cap, specifically engineered to enhance airflow and easily maneuver concentrate within the chamber.

Further enhancing the New Peak Pro's sophistication is the Puffco Connect App, allowing users to fully customize their experience with adjustable heat profiles, LED lights, and additional features. The device is wireless charging capable, ensuring effortless power replenishment for continued use.

The New Puffco Peak Pro is aesthetically stunning, available in two alluring colorways - Onyx and Pearl. The intelligent design and robust features such as the Auto-Sleep Function, Bluetooth App Connectivity, and a fast 2-hour charging capability via USB-C connection truly make the Peak Pro the pinnacle of hash technology.

The device also includes a convenient carrying case, making it easy to transport while ensuring the New Peak Pro remains protected when not in use. For the ultimate experience, pair the New Peak Pro with the Puffco Hot Knife, enabling users to enjoy their concentrate with even more precision and flavor.

The New Puffco Peak Pro offers Pro Performance each time, delivering a flavorful, powerful, flexible, and intelligent vaping experience. This device is the embodiment of cutting-edge technology and high-quality materials, making it a must-have addition to your retail inventory.

New Puffco Peak Pro Features

  • ?Product: New Puffco Peak Pro
  • Premium smart rig with enhanced flavor delivery and superior performance
  • Integrated 3D Chamber technology for improved concentrate heating and preservation
  • Real-time temperature control for consistent heating regardless of load or inhalation
  • Large capacity chamber suitable for efficient and optimal use
  • Joystick Cap designed for improved airflow and easy concentrate maneuverability
  • Wireless charging capability and USB-C connection for convenient power replenishment
  • Puffco Connect App integration for personalized settings and experience
  • Auto-Sleep Function and Bluetooth App Connectivity for user convenience
  • Package includes carrying case and is available in two colorways - Onyx and Pearl

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