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Wholesale OPMS Black Capsules

Kratom continues to enjoy popularity among the vaping crowd, especially as a potential source of pain management. OPMS (which stands for Optimized Plant Mediated Solutions) is one of the oldest, most reliable kratom brands on the market. For the past decade, they have researched for novel ways to create pure, potent forms of kratom.

The results of their latest work can be seen in the OPMS Black Capsules. Alkaloid extraction distinguishes high-quality kratom brands from a crowded field, and OPMS has a widely touted secret extraction process that customers love. Instead of using boiling water or a solvent, OPMS uses cold water and high pressure to extract alkaloids from the raw, organic material.

The result is a product that is both purer and more potent, which has helped the OPMS brand stand the test of time, as well as helping the brand to remain one of the most trusted.

Black kratom is generally used by customers looking for strong sedation or potent relief from chronic pain. It should be noted that none of these claims have been FDA-approved, and results will vary among customers.

OPMS Black capsules come in either two or five capsules per pack, and packs are sold in bulk cases of 10.


Product Specifications
? Choice of two or five capsules per package
? Capsules contain premium black kratom.

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