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Per Capsule 200mg
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Wholesale OPMS Gold Capsules

We encourage vape stores to carry at least a handful of kratom products. Kratom continues to be popular, and there is significant cross-over between customers interested in kratom and customers who enjoy vaping. However, it's important to stock high-quality kratom products to build relationships with repeat customers, which makes OPMS Gold capsules a great choice.

OPMS (which stands for Optimized Plant Mediated Solutions) has been producing Kratom products for more than a decade. In a crowded, ever-growing field, they have continued to remain a dominant brand, largely in part to their consistent quality in the products they provide.

One of the secrets to their success is their alkaloid extraction process (or how they process raw plant material into store-ready kratom products). Instead of using traditional extraction processes that can damage alkaloids (like harsh solvents or hot water), OPMS using a largely secret process that combines cold water and high pressure for very pure extraction.

The result is a consistently high-quality, potent product that customers readily gravitate towards time and time again. OPMS is a great brand for repeat business and should be part of your overall kratom strategy.

Gold kratom (one of several kratom varieties), is usually seen as providing a "middle-ground" effect. For some users, it will help them relax, clear their mind of anxiety, and may even help some be more focused and productive. It's a popular choice for customers looking to find a deep calmness without heavy sedative effects.
We should note that use of Kratom has not been approved by the FDA for any treatment, and the effect of kratom will vary from customer to customer, with no guarantee of any particular effect.

OPMS Gold capsules are sold in packages of either two or five capsules and are sold in bulk cases of 10.

Product Specifications
? Choice of two or five capsules per package
? Capsules contain premium gold kratom

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