OPMS Silver 32 Capsules

Per Unit 32 Capsules
Per Capsule 600mg
Strains 6 Strains
Sale price$5.50

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Strain Max purchase Case price Qty Subtotal
Green Vien Maeng Da $5.50
Green Vien Malay $5.99
Red Vein Maeng Da $5.50
Red Vien Sumatra $5.99
Super Green Borneo $5.99
White Vien Indo $5.50


OPMS Silver 32 Capsules Wholesale

Introducing the OPMS Silver 32 Capsules, a premier choice among kratom products that stands as an epitome of quality and efficacy. Crafted from the best crushed leaf kratom, these capsules promise to deliver a satisfying experience that meets the discerning expectations of your customers.

Product Features and Benefits:

  • Premium Quality: Not all kratom products are created equal, and OPMS Silver is a testament to that. The commitment to quality is evident in each batch, with every single one tested for Alkaloid profile content, ensuring consistent potency and purity.
  • Innovative Standards: OPMS has developed its own unique Alkaloid Standards, designed specifically to measure alkaloids with precision. This innovative approach enables the creation of products that meet a benchmark of excellence in every capsule.
  • Optimal Quantity: Each unit houses 32 capsules, providing a sufficient supply for both seasoned users and novices alike. This thoughtful quantity caters to the diverse needs of customers, whether they prefer daily use or occasional indulgence.
  • Variety of Strains: The OPMS Silver 32 Capsules come in various strain options, including Green Vein Maeng Da, Green Vein Malay, Red Vein Maeng Da, Red Vein Sumatra, Super Green Borneo, and White Vein Indo. This variety gives your customers the freedom to choose based on their preferences and desired effects.

Why Retailers Should Consider:
The popularity and demand for kratom products have soared in recent years, driven by consumers seeking natural alternatives for wellness and relaxation. By adding the OPMS Silver 32 Capsules to your inventory, you will be catering to this growing demand and offering your customers a product renowned for its quality and reliability.

These capsules not only present your customers with a diverse range of strain options but also assure them of a product that undergoes rigorous testing for consistent alkaloid content. This dedication to quality and variety will help establish your retail business as a trusted source of high-quality kratom products.

Adding OPMS Silver 32 Capsules to your inventory ensures you cater to an expanding market segment while aligning your offerings with a brand synonymous with quality and consistency. Elevate your retail offerings with a product that promises customers a superior kratom experience.

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