Pink Formula Grinder Cleaner

Volume 4oz
Use Grinders
Brush Included
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Pink Formula Grinder Cleaner Wholesale

The Pink Formula Grinder Cleaner is a must-have addition to your inventory that will help your customers maintain their grinders in pristine condition. This 4oz spray bottle has been expertly crafted to provide an effective solution for cleaning glass, crystal, and metal grinders, ensuring that your customers can get the most out of their smoking accessories.

Each Pink Formula Grinder Cleaner bottle comes with a small brush included, making it easy to clean even the most stubborn and hard-to-reach areas. The potent formula is designed specifically to tackle sticky residue and buildup that can accumulate in grinders over time. Your customers will appreciate the simplicity of the cleaning process: just spray the formula, scrub the grinder with the provided brush, and rinse with hot water.

By offering the Pink Formula Grinder Cleaner in your store, you're providing your customers with an invaluable tool for maintaining the longevity and functionality of their grinders. This premium cleaning solution will ensure that your customers keep coming back to your store for all their grinder cleaning needs. So, don't hesitate to add the Pink Formula Grinder Cleaner to your inventory, and let your customers experience the difference of a perfectly clean grinder.

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