Puffco Peak Pro 3D XL Chamber

Material Ceramic
Designed for Puffco Peak Pro
Puffco Peak Pro 3D XL Chamber
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Puffco Peak Pro 3D XL Chamber: The Revolution in Vapor Technology!

Dive into the next generation of e-rig technology with the Puffco Peak Pro 3D XL Chamber! Designed to redefine the dabbing experience, this innovation is here to transform how retailers view vapor products and what they offer to their discerning clientele.


  1. Extended Compatibility: Designed for seamless integration with both the Puffco Peak Pro and the latest New Peak Pro.

  2. Superior Bowl Capacity: Sporting a 78% larger bowl, the Peak Pro 3D XL Chamber allows users to indulge more and refill less.

  3. Unparalleled Vapor Production: Engineered to produce 2x more vapor, this chamber ensures thicker clouds and a richer experience.

  4. World-Class Innovation: Introducing the world's first high capacity e-rig chamber, setting new standards in the vaping industry.

  5. Exquisite Flavor Profile: Each rip is packed with incredible flavor and unmatched consistency, elevating the vaping experience.

  6. XL Joystick Included: Elevate the control and maneuverability with the included XL Joystick.

  7. Optimal Efficiency: Load more, rip harder, and experience less reclaim, optimizing every session.

  8. Enhanced Vapor Control: With the Puffco Connect App, this chamber unlocks a revolutionary level of vapor control, letting users personalize their sessions.

  9. Generous Packaging: Each package comprises the state-of-the-art Peak Pro 3DXL Chamber and the dynamic XL Joystick Cap.

  10. Bigger & Better: Embrace bigger dabs, generate enormous clouds, hit with unmatched intensity, and harness unparalleled control.


  • Compatibility: Puffco Peak Pro, New Peak Pro
  • Bowl Increase: 78%
  • Vapor Increase: 2x
  • Package Contents: 1x Peak Pro 3DXL Chamber, 1x XL Joystick Cap

Lead the Vapor Wave with the Puffco Peak Pro 3D XL Chamber!

Retailers, this is your opportunity to ride at the forefront of vapor technology! The Puffco Peak Pro 3D XL Chamber isn't just a product; it's an experience - an experience your customers will keep returning for. When you stock the Peak Pro 3D XL Chamber, you're not just adding to your inventory; you're upgrading it. Step into the future of dabbing, and let your customers savor the peak of vaping innovation!

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