Puffco Peak Pro Black

Bluetooth Mode
Vaporizer Concentrate
Temperature Control Yes
Sale price$280.00


Wholesale Puffco Pro Black

It's always wise for a store to have a few premium products on-hand, especially during busy shopping seasons. It's a great way to drive traffic to your store, since customers that buy the device in your store are more likely to come back for related accessories and compatible substances.

Concentrate vaping continues to enjoy a growth in popularity, and the Puffco Pro Black is one of the best, premium wax-concentrate setups you can carry. This device is a battery-powered dab rig which, unlike wax pens, is able to offer the same benefits as a traditional dab rig setup and more.

The Puffco Pro Black includes a covered ceramic nail, water filtration, and a modern design that makes it stand out from a typical water pipe. Once wax is loaded into the ceramic chamber, the device simply needs to be powered on to create vapor (users do not need to use a blow torch to heat the nail).

The Puffco Pro Black is preprogrammed with four different heat settings, though customers can use a companion smartphone app for precision heat control. The battery life is excellent, with an average of 30 vape sessions possible until the device needs to be recharged, which takes around two hours once the battery is depleted.

Customers can also customize the LED lighting to the color of their preference, and they can adjust the strobe rate. The result is a premium wax vaporizer that delivers flawless performance that is easy enough for beginners to pick up on but advanced enough for veteran users to enjoy as a primary device.

The Puffco Pro Black is sold in single wholesale units.

Puffco Pro Black Specifications
? 4 preset temperature settings
? Precision heating control available through the app (490-545F)
? Sealed ceramic nail
? Water filtration
? Companion app available
? Wireless charging available
? 30-session battery life
? 2-hour charge time

Product Specifications
? 1 Puffco Pro Black
? Wax loading tool
? Selection of additional wax tools
? Oculus Carb Cap
? USB-C charging cable
? Carrying case

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