Puffco Proxy Joystick Cap

Material Stainless Steal/Silicone
Airflow Precise 360º Airflow
Compatibility Puffco Proxy
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Flourish $19.00


Proxy Joystick Cap Wholesale

The Puffco Proxy Joystick Cap is a top-quality vaping accessory designed to deliver unparalleled precision and performance. Its innovative 360º directional airflow ensures consistent heating, bigger clouds, and richer flavor, while its shatterproof stainless-steel and silicone construction guarantees unmatched durability. The cap's easy-to-clean design prevents any reclaim from disrupting the flow, making it ideal for uninterrupted vaping sessions. Its fidget-friendly and fun design makes it a must-have for wholesalers looking to cater to the high-demand market of top-quality smoking accessories.

Product Specifications

  • Brand: PUFFCO
  • Material: High-quality borosilicate glass and durable silicone for optimal flavor and cloud production.
  • Design: Joystick-style carb cap with full 360-degree rotation allows precise vapor flow control.
  • Compatibility: Perfectly designed for concentrates, providing a seamless fit with the Puffco Proxy Vaporizers.
  • Available Colors: Flourish
  • Additional Features: A convenient silicone tether ensures the cap is always within reach during sessions​​.

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